Project 6 – Powder Coating a Metal Home Front Entry Gate

The original item for Project 6 had failed to coat properly, and would need more time in order to be corrected and ready for show and tell. Luckily some old friends' front gate was in need of a face lift, and became the new Project 6. As I got to the house the gate was still attached to the house and looking like most front gates: badly rusted and coated in many layers of standard liquid paint. My friend and I easily removed it from the the wall and placed it in the back of the truck. They already knew the powder coating color they wanted so it was off to the shop for some B.C.A. (Blast, Powder Coat, and Assemble).

Since the gate was a last minute replacement for another item earlier in the week (which still had to be powder coated!), I needed to move quickly. As luck would have it I was able to sandblast the gate and get it into production for a primer and top coat all in one day. The powder coated metal outdoor house gate emerged form the oven in mint condition and was ready for installation.

As you can see from the picture the color was a perfect shade of brown and matched the white and beige colors of the home perfectly.

Hopefully the original Project 6 item will be ready for its debut next week. You're going to absolutely love what we have in store to be powder coated for you: a Bubble Gum machine.