Project 2 – Powder Coating a 1950′s Metal Outdoor Patio Furniture Set

They really do not make them like they use to. In that it was over 60 years old and showing major signs of neglect, this three piece outdoor patio furniture set made sometime back in the 1950′s still had life in it. Friends of Mr. Wells gave him this set with the hopes that he would have the will and the means to bring it back from near death. When Mr. Wells brought the patio furniture set to us, I knew right away it would be perfect for Project 52. To set the stage, we took the furniture to a local park to photograph the before pictures. Even during a quick trip in the back of a truck parts of the furniture were falling off from severe rust damage.

We quickly sandblasted the pieces to expose all the nuts and bolts. During the dismantling process, we found that more then half of the bolts had been eaten away from rust. Parts were literally falling off in our hands. Sure it helped speed up the process but the post-powder coating challenge was finding fasteners that fit and looked similar.

Once Mr. Wells selected the two colors he wanted (which I must say were excellent choices), we powder coated the patio furniture. Once completed, we were ready to assemble. Unfortunately, finding replacements parts that resembled the original look was not possible but we got close; and more importantly we got it put back together. Like I said they don't make things like they used to and I am just glad we got the chance to bring it back for extinction.

Next week we powder coat the one thing that brings back the "kid" in all of us: a Radio Flyer.