Common and NOT so common uses of Powder Coating

Most people today don't have any idea what powder coating is, Powder Coating has been around since the late 1960′s and is a more economical and environmentally friendly option than traditional painting, because it is more cost effective, and it actually helps protect products from rust. The way it works is that a powder (of any required color) is sprayed onto a metal surface. This powdered metal object is then placed in a special powder coating oven - known as the coating and curing process - in which the heat causes the powder particles to form a type of seal over the product. We will look at ten everyday items that use powder coating.

10. Refrigerators
Powder Coating is used often on the front and side panels of refrigerators.

9. Gates
I'm sure all of us have or have seen a rusty, discolored and plain old ugly gate before. Gates that are powder coated, not only don't get rusty they also look great and stay that way.

8. Bicycle Frames
These days most bicycle frames are powder coated to keep them from rusting

7. Football Helmets
Believe it or not, you can see the magic of powder coating on the gridiron, that's right, today even football helmets are being made using powder coating

6. Lawn Furniture
Almost everyone has some type of metal lawn furniture, and more than likely, it was manufactured using powder coating

5. ATV's
Have you ever wondered how ATV's get their awesome shine ? The answer is Powder Coating.

4. Fire Extinguishers
The shiny red color is a result of powder coating

3. Basketball Rims
A lot of us have spent countless hours when we were younger shooting hoops on a powder coated rim.

2. Shelves
A majority of shelves manufactured today are powder coated.

1. Rims/wheels
One of the hottest trends now is powder coated rims, because powder coating increases the durability of the wheels, and also prevents damage like chipping and flaking that happens with a painted wheel or rim.