Project 52

Project 52 was created for one main reason. Repeatedly, I am confronted with the question "so what do you do?" where I reply "I am a powder coater" at which point the conversation ends. Over the past 20 years I found myself lying to people about what I do, it was a fun game in the beginning to see how long I could keep it going but deep down it felt wrong. That's when I realized the world needs to know what powder coating is and how and where it can be used.

The Project 52 plan is simple - and challenging. Each week, I will select an item that can be powder coated - metal, steel, aluminum. We will powder coat that item, photograph it before and after the powder coating application and then blog about the process. I look forward to ideas and feedback from readers. Also support in getting the word out is invaluable. Under the category section you will notice 'Project 52'. Please come by each week to see what new has been powder coated. (read more)