Project 11 – As Seen on TV – A Powder Coated Birdcage

Video: Powder Coating a Birdcage for HGTV

After 5 years of a long distance relationship, Joel & Lizz have finally found their own space and moved in together. Joel is living the life of a successful magician and Lizz is a professional dancer. The two are a very creative couple but their home is far from reflecting it. With both of them holding down jobs entertaining others, they're consistently pulled across the country for work and have little time to fix up their space. Being on the road for so much of their lives, it's important that the couple has a comfortable place to call home. Currently, their home (read more)

Project 10 – Is there a Doctor in the house!! Powder Coated Vintage Metal Lunch Box


A refurbishment doctor that is. As I was surfing through eBay vintage items that cost less than $3.00, I came across this little beauty. I couldn't believe that no one had bid on this metal Lunch Box after 7 days of being listed. The ideas were endless but the application and inspiration of it came from the unfortunate disaster in Japan. When the metal lunch box arrived, I took a peek inside to check out the condition and to my surprise I found a hand written note. My first thought was who still hand writes notes? It must be important. Turns out the lunch box I purchased still belonged to the original owner who bought it 74 years ago. The note was simple and to the point:

"Thanks for buying my lunch box, I got it in the sixth grade 1934."

By now I am sure that you know my appreciation for quality (read more)

Project 9 – Steel Shopping Cart Restoration, Lessening the Carbon Footprint

Watch Powder Coating Video: Restoring Steel Supermarket Shopping Carts

Invention: shopping cart in 1937

Function: noun / a handcart that holds groceries while shopping

Definition: A device whose concept was simple: make shopping easier for the customer and they'll visit the store more frequently, and buy more.

Patent: March 15, 1938

Inventor: Sylvan Nathan Goldman

Criteria: First to invent. First to patent. Entrepreneur.

Birth: 1898 Oklahoma City, (read more)