Project 4 – Medical Cabinet Conversion

It was just like any other Monday and I was doing what I normally do on Mondays which is to settle in and think about Friday. This Monday was different. I just didn't know it yet. As I picked up the phone to follow up on work done over the weekend the door opened and a weathered old man walked in.
"Can I help you?"
"I hope so. My name is Frank and you're my last chance."
"That sounds dramatic."
"Maybe son, but no one else has been able to do what I need done."
For a moment I thought I was in a Clint Eastwood movie but then I snapped back.
"What do you need done?"
"It's my 1950's dresser. My beloved Delores used to fold laundry and store it there. I need it back in the same condition she would've remembered."
"Well, I'll do my best to get your dresser back"
And that's how it started. After unloading the dresser and finally (read more)

Project 3 - Restoring a Radio Flyer Metal Wagon

The weeks feel like they are flying by, yet we are only on Project 3. I have had my eye on this Radio Flyer wagon ever since my business partner found it on the back of a junk peddlers truck. Poor guy had no idea what a treasure he had underneath the rust exterior. He was happy to part with it for only $15.00. It had been a long time since I played with a Radio Flyer, let alone seen one. So I went online to do some research to make sure I got the powder coating colors correct: Red, Black and White. Hah! I know some cars that have fewer colors than that. Just like the metal outdoor patio furniture set, the hardware basically crumbled as we took the wagon apart. On to the B.C.A. (Blast, Powder Coat, Assemble).

The metal was showing severe signs of fatigue and pitting. My sandblasting supplier recommended the use of glass media which turned out to be great advice. My staff was (read more)

Project 2 – Powder Coating a 1950′s Metal Outdoor Patio Furniture Set

They really do not make them like they use to. In that it was over 60 years old and showing major signs of neglect, this three piece outdoor patio furniture set made sometime back in the 1950′s still had life in it. Friends of Mr. Wells gave him this set with the hopes that he would have the will and the means to bring it back from near death. When Mr. Wells brought the patio furniture set to us, I knew right away it would be perfect for Project 52. To set the stage, we took the furniture to a local park to photograph the before pictures. Even during a quick trip in the back of a truck parts of the furniture were falling off from severe rust damage.

We quickly sandblasted the pieces to expose all the nuts and bolts. During the dismantling process, we found that more then half of the bolts had been eaten away from rust. Parts were literally falling off in our hands. Sure it helped (read more)

Project 1 - Powder Coating a Vintage Metal Cabinet

After the holiday long break I was starting to get nervous about Project 52 where we photograph and blog about a weekly powder coating project. The idea behind Project 52 is to not only get a chance to powder coat many unique and interesting items throughout the year but to market powder coating to consumers that don't know how effective, longlasting and inexpensive it can be.

Time was running out and I was unprepared. Project 1 came to us as a late holiday gift. When I got the call from Mrs. McPherson looking to salvage a vintage metal cabinet I couldn't be more relieved. The cabinet is a beautiful mid 1900's classic. When it first arrived at our offices we were able to count at least 4 layers of paint and a dozen shades of white on it. Rust was present but structural damage was not compromised. Once the powder coating color was selected, a deep crimson red, Tiger Drylac (read more)

Project 52

Project 52 was created for one main reason. Repeatedly, I am confronted with the question "so what do you do?" where I reply "I am a powder coater" at which point the conversation ends. Over the past 20 years I found myself lying to people about what I do, it was a fun game in the beginning to see how long I could keep it going but deep down it felt wrong. That's when I realized the world needs to know what powder coating is and how and where it can be used.

The Project 52 plan is simple - and challenging. Each week, I will select an item that can be powder coated - metal, steel, aluminum. We will powder coat that item, photograph it before and after the powder coating application and then blog about the process. I look forward to ideas and feedback from readers. Also support in getting the word out is invaluable. Under the category section you will notice 'Project 52'. Please come by each week to see what new has been powder coated. (read more)